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Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I have a spoon for miso soup?
A. No.

Q. Can I have a knife and fork?
A. Absolutely. Don’t be embarrassed. We use them all the time.

Q. Where are the toilets?
A. Toilets are located in the passage connecting the front section to the rear area, on the right as you proceed down to the back room. In the garden – Men's at the rear, and Ladies near the front as you go out to the left.

Q. This place doesn’t look very Japanese to me.
A. Neither does Japan nowadays.

Q. How long have you been here?
A. About 15 years.

Q. What was this restaurant called before?
A. Farquis / Saverinos / Cape to Cape / Notre Dame / Mandy’s Karaoke Bar.

Q. Is the chef Japanese? (We get that a lot).
A. Yes. Head chef is Tetsuya Sakamoto, recently from Nobu Crown Casino & Bang Mirai, Dubai.

Q. Why did you get the Stonegrill / Ishiyaki volcanic rock for cooking?
A. We like that because 1) the steaks don’t get cold, 2) it cooks in it’s own juices rather than added oils which makes it healthier and taste better and 3) it is a modern rendition of an ancient Japanese cooking tradition where they cooked on rocks taken from a volcano.

Q. What shouldn’t I do with the Stonegrill?
A. Touching it will hurt.

Q. What if I want a steak but don’t like that Stonegrill thing? Will you cook it for me?
A. Try ‘Fuku’ next door. They not only cook it for you but frequently toss food about and make a show.

Q. Do you hire out the back room? Can I have my party or function there? What about rain? How many people will fit? What about that hidden section behind the garden - does that belong to you?
A. Tsunami can take up to 250 people comfortably. Have a look at the garden or ask to speak to staff about booking a party or function. We have lots of weddings. We cater for lunches in the garden too. It is under cover (look closely). We even have a hidden area. Full details at tsunamisushi.com.au.

Q. I have a sesame / soy / peanut / something-else allergy. Do you use any of it in your cooking?
A. Please please please ask to see the manager or someone with fluent English.

Q. I want to have a small wedding - just family and friends, say 30-40 people. Do you have anything?
A. Our new ‘ripple section’ has been built with your wedding/party/function in mind. Ask to see it.

Q. Any hot tips?
A. The furry beans in the bento box are called ‘edamame’. Don’t eat them whole. Don’t put any chilli powder on the hot stones. Chilli smoke hurts your eyes (and everyone else’s).

Q. Is that waitress/waiter single? What about the chef?
A. Ask them. Masa is single & the most shy chef in Perth. Ask him a question about his food. He loves that.

Q. Do you have coeliac friendly food?
A. Yes. We have some marked as such, and also you can have sushi or sashimi which is gluten free and if you ask we will bring you tamari wheat free soy.

Q. Do you have teppanyaki?
A. No, that's fuku. next door. Try it out. Menus start from $75/head (walk-in). To get in press the buzzer and they’ll open up and let you in.

Q. Why do you do that at Fuku? Why so secretive?
A. To keep out the ‘riff raff’ :-)

Q. Where do I pay?
A. At the front. Or ask for us to bring the bill and our mobile eftpos thingy and we’ll do it in one hit without your losing sight of your credit card. (Please tell us if you have gift vouchers or anything else that would alter the bill before we print it out).

Q. How strong is sake?
A. Not strong. It’s the same strength as a zinfandel (red) wine (~16%).They differ like wines do.

Q. How do I know if a wine on your menu is any good?
A. Check out the rating ‘93/100’ etc (if it is Australian it usually has one). They are from James Halliday (which is quite famous) and we think are to be trusted. (Some lower end and imported wines have no ratings. They’re not bad – just unrated). The numbers mean as follows (taken from the book)
84-86. Fair - good. Wines with plenty of flavour (usually varietal) & good balance; free of technical faults
87-89. Recommended. Wines of above-average quality, fault-free, & with clear varietal expression.
90-93. Highly recommended. Wines of great quality, style & character, worthy of a place in a cellar.
94-100. Outstanding. Wines of the highest quality, usually with a distinguished pedigree.

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